• Super Siblings Adventures! Book 2

    Book 2 – Field Trip

    Super Siblings Adventures: Field Trip is written and illustrated by Patrick Scullin. What happens when you take your Super Powers on a field trip to the zoo? Your secret identity may not be the only thing that gets out!

    Scout, a plucky teenage superhero defends the city from his arch nemesis, Banshee, a petite tantrum-throwing phantom bent on world domination who, unbeknownst to our hero, just so happens to be his kid sister.

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  • Super Siblings Adventures!

    Super Siblings Adventures: Clash of the Tweens is now available. Pick up your copy of this brand new family adventure book today. Join Scout and Banshee as they interrupt a rocket launch and clash over a meteorite set on a collision course with Bay City Elementary. Does Banshee finally succeed in closing the elementary school for good or does Scout save the day? Find out in this 130 page fully illustrated adventure today. Click Here for more >>

    Super Siblings Adventure
    Super Siblings Adventure – Clash of the Tweens
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